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Best Seafood Restaurant in Mid Coast Maine

The best seafood restaurant in Mid Coast Maine.

I have eaten at many of the fine seafood restaurants in Mid Coast Maine and based on the location, the décor and the food, I have selected Anna’s Wateredge Restaurant as the best of the best. Experience Maine while dining on some great seafood on the water and looking out over beautiful views. Anna’s is the place to be.

There are many to choose from, each with its own take on how Maine seafood should be served. Anna's Water Edge Restaurant view From traditional to classic to modern fare, Maine has it all and is being recognized world wide as having some of the best eating establishments for great seafood.

Here we would like to introduce you to one of the traditional Maine restaurants of the Coast. Anna’s Wateredge Restauramt Anna's Water Edge Restaurant interiorRestaurant located in Phippsburg is a must visit seafood restaurant when on vacation in Maine.

Anna’s Water Edge Restaurant has been amazing guest for many years. They have inside or outside seating for their guest. The dining area is very rustic in its feel. The walls are covered with nautical items of old. The many windows provide expansive views of the working harbor in front of the restaurant. Imagine dining waterside while you experience the beauty of Maine with working lobster boats and a view that seem to go on forever.

The Food is traditional Maine prepared seafood with just a twist of culinary flair to make it interesting,Anna's Restaurant food pickled herring

If you are traveling through the Mid Coast region of Maine we highly recommend that you head to Annas and enjoy great Maine food and views

Anna's Wateredge Restaurant entrance

Ocean View

Maine Restaurant DecorationsMaine Waterfront mooring

Farmers Markets Local Fresh Harvested and Produced Maine Products

Farmers markets in Maine provide you the opportunity to purchase the freshest, locally grown and harvested foods. The Maine markets enable the farmer or Farmer's Market in Maineharvester to bring their product directly to you with no middle man to up the price or delay the freshness to your table.

Almost every town has a farmers market located in a convenient location with plenty of parking. Below is a list of the markets that are in our Maine Mid Coast area. Please take the time to tour all of these great local grown and harvested food markets and enjoy the pleasure of eating the best, freshest products that Maine has to offer.

Market Details


Bath Freight Shed 27 Commercial St. Bath, ME 04530

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Days & Hours

Sat   9:00 – 12:00

The Bath Farmers Market, just a stones throw from the peaceful Kennebec River, showcases the freshest food from all around Maine. From a huge cheese selection to unique treats there is something for everyone. Bring your friends and family, and a spirit of adventure as you explore our selection of vendors; we’ll have music, lots of parking along the street, and you can have lunch and browse downtown or picnic next to the river. In winter, visit us in the historic Freight Shed building, riverside.


Crystal Spring Farm, one mile up Pleasant Hill Rd from Maine St. 277 Pleasant Hill Rd Brunswick, ME 04011

Days & Hours

Sat   8:30 – 12:30

The market offers a variety of local produce, meats, seafoods, prepared foods, crafts, baked goods, cheeses, eggs, flowers and more! The market is located at the BTLT’s signature 320-acre property (Crystal Springs Farm) on Pleasant Hill Road in Brunswick and runs rain or shine—from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

BRUNSWICK FARMERS MARKET, On the mall below the gazebo Maine St. Brunswick, ME 04011

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Days & Hours

Tue   8:00 – 2:00


FREEPORT FARMERS MARKET, In the Moose Lot located between the L.L. Bean Flagship and Home stores 95 Main St  Freeport, ME 04033

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Days & Hours

Fri   1:00 – 5:00

farmer's market flowersfarmer's market apples

Gluten Free Cookies full of awesome complexity of the universe

Gluten Free cookies that are not only good for you but have that memorable, delicious taste that satisfies even the most die-hard confection sweet tooth, is not easy to find.

But we did it! Meet the 14th Cookie a Portland based company that creates Gluten Free Cookies Made In Mainehealthy and wonderful tasting Cookies.

“Everyone knows there are 13 cookies in a “Bakers Dozen,” but what they might not know is the Baker always makes one more. We bring that cookie to you”.

14th COOKIE is committed to making the most delicious, delectable, palatable, ambrosial sweet joyness imaginable and making it available to everyone, despite desired or necessary dietary alterations. We specialize in GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN, SOY-FREE, ORGANIC baked and no-baked goods!

14th COOKIE exclusively makes wonderful things that are GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN, SOY-FREE and ORGANIC. We know that things taste better and feel better when the time is taken and the creativity is used to find alternatives to mass-produced methods of baking. You will not find any refined, white sugar or evil chemical substitutes in the 14th COOKIE kitchen. Organic juices, pure maple syrup, and a host of other natural provisions are far more effective in creating deserts that everyone can (and should!) enjoy.

Contact Information:

Carleton Street, Portland, Maine 04102

Hours: Always open

(802) 747-8206

Facebook Page: Like Us On Facebook

The bottom line on this business is that if you are a cookie lover and you care about your health. Run don’t walk down to Carleton Street or give them a call and indulge in this amazing treat.


How to Eat a Maine Lobster

How to eat a Maine Lobster is one of the most common questions asked in a restaurant here on the coast of Maine. So We thought that a few pictures on the steps to devouring these tasty crustaceans would be best.

How To Eat A Maine Lobster

How To Cook A Maine Lobster

Learning how to cook a Maine lobster is one of the essential things that every Maine person learns by the time they are knee high to a grasshopper. There are many a chef and mom that do a great job at selecting, cooking and serving these Maine delicacies. There are however some folks that are just not capable for serving up this prize of the sea. The video below is a spoof on what you should not do to prepare a Maine Lobster. Enjoy

What is your favorite way to cook a Maine lobster? Please take the time to vote in the poll below. Thank You

Gluten Free Menu in Mid Coast Maine

Gluten free Items on restaurant menus in Midcoast Maine

Maine offers gluten, vegetarian Musselsoptions and local fresh items. These menu options offer a healthy alternative to the take it or leave it attitude of many restaurants in different parts of the country

If you have a special dietary restriction let us put together a wonderful meal for you and your friends is the attitude of many fine restaurants in Maine. Restaurants like the Kennebec Tavern in Bath Maine or Cook’s Lobster House on Bailey Island to name just a couple.

The list below identifies the items that are gluten free for your enjoyment.

Dining in MidCoast Maine will be an excellent experience no matter what you dietary restrictions are. Please let your server know your special need when you first arrive.


  1. Cole Slaw
  2. Onion Soup sweet onions sliced thin and cooked in a light broth topped with provolone cheese.
  3. Smokey Tomato Soup
  4. Mussels Tossed with white wine, garlic, thyme and butter
  5. Salmon wrapped Scallops Fresh sea scallops wrapped in smoked salmon oven roasted with a maple butter.

Salads:Seasonal Fruit Salad

  1. Garden Salad Mixed green, cucumber, carrots, red onion, tomato and banana peppers
  2. Seasonal Fruit Salad Mixed greens and seasonal fresh fruit.
  3. Chef Salad roasted turkey, lean corned beef, hardboiled egg, seasonal vegetables, cheddar and bleu cheese over romaine lettuce
  4. Panzanella Salad romaine hearts lightly grilled with olive oil tossed with baby spinach, capers, red onion and goat cheese, finished with a balsamic glaze appetizer.
  5. Caesar Salad romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese tossed with Caesar dressing

Add Lobster, Beef Tenderloin or Chicken to your salad.

House Made Dressings – Balsamic vinaigrette, buttermilk bleu cheese, honey lime Dijon, ranch, cranberry jalapeno vinaigrette or thousand island.

Sandwiches: All sandwiches will be served on a gluten free rollVegetable Ruben

  1. Lobster Roll fresh local lobster meat lightly mixed with mayonnaise on lettuce.
  2. Broiled Haddock
  3. Hell’s Gate Cajun pan blackened haddock, jalapenos and our ghost pepper sauce served open faced on red pepper flake mashed potatoes.
  4. Ribeye sandwich sliced grilled ribeye with spinach, pickled onions and black pepper mayo.
  5. Haddock or cornbeef Ruben broiled haddock, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing
  6. Spicy chicken grilled with chipotle seasoning, jalapeno slices, pepper jack cheese and our ghost pepper sauce.
  7. Scallop po”boy oven baked sea scallops with lettuce, tomato and cocktail sauce.
  8. Turkey club roasted turkey, applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato and cranberry mayonnaise.
  9. Black bean burger house made bean burger with pickled onion, banana peppers and pepper mayonnaise.

Entrees:Large Maine Lobster

  1. Lobster served with baked potato and cole slaw
  2. Shore Dinner Served with mussels, baked potato and coleslaw.
  3. Grilled rib eye 12oz. cut seasoned with sea salt and black pepper served with a baked potato and roasted balsamic mushrooms
  4. Scallops and Asparagus Served over a parsnip mash, finished with a cranberry jalapeno vinaigrette.
  5. Maine haddock Broiled with tomato, leek and mushrooms and finished with a balsamic glaze served with mashed potatoes

Children’s Gluten Free Menu

  1. Chicken Fingers baked in the oven
  2. Burger on a gluten free bun
  3. BLT on a gluten free bun
  4. Hot dog no bun

Children’s Gluten free meals will come with choice of apple, carrots or yogurt and a drink.

The above menu is a sample of the Gluten Free menu at the Kennebec Tavern in Bath Maine.