BarHarbor Maine

Bar Harbor Maine

Welcome to Bar Harbor, Maine – One of the Best Places to Visit in Maine & New England

Bar Harbor is well know by people around the world as a place of beauty and peaceful elegance. A recentNew York Times Travel article  give Bar Harbor a thumbs up for it unique collection of stores, restaurants and one of a kind activities.

Over looking Bar Harbor, Maine

A gift of Nature

The magic of Bar Harbor…romance, adventure, the rock-bound coast and soaring granite cliffs. From the stonewall-lined and tree-covered road leading you into our village, to the sweeping vistas from atop Cadillac Mountain, there is a special mystique to Bar Harbor. Nestled on the east side of Mt. Desert Island, surrounded by Acadia National Park, we have welcomed visitors for over a hundred years. And now we welcome you, too! Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park have a wide variety of offerings for visitors. There truly is something for everyone.

If you’re considering a vacation in Maine or planning to travel New England, Bar Harbor should top your list of destinations, as it is truly one of the best places to visit in Maine and New England. Not exactly a well-guarded secret, but not overrun with tourism either, Bar Harbor is a Maine/New England vacation spot beyond compare. And of course one of its many attractions is its close proximity to Acadia National Park – over 50 square miles of highly varied, beautiful terrain, hiking, and views.

If this is your first visit to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, we are sure that you will have experiences in this Maine vacation spot that will become fond, lifetime memories. If you are returning to the island, as so many do, welcome back. Each year the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce publishes ourguidebook to help you plan your island escape and to serve as your companion while on the island. We have included much of the information from the guidebook on this Web site for your convenience.


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