Mast Landing Walking Trail Freeport Maine

A walk on the Freeport, Maine’s Mast Landing Trail

A great trail for a quick walk or a long stroll. Located near the village of Freeport Maine PondMaine. Experience deep woods, well groomed trails and gravel roads for a leisurely easy stroll with viewings of local wildlife.

The mast landing walking trail in Freeport, Maine turned out to be a pleasant way to spend the morning. A easy walk with beautiful wooded trails and lovely vistas of waterways that are full of wild life and flowering plants.

Pond with GeeseFlowering Plants

Walk on gravel road in woods of MaineFerns in the woods of Maine

Walking in a field in the Maine woodsMaine walking trails

Mast Landing
Audubon Sanctuary

Located one mile from downtown Freeport at the head of tide on the Harraseeket River estuary, Mast Landing is actively used by area residents year-round.

The 140-acre sanctuary consists of open fields, salt marsh, an apple orchard, freshwater stream, and mature evergreen forest. Caretakers reside in the old farmhouse (a.k.a. Millmaster’s House).


Mast Landing Sanctuary’s open fields, apple orchards, alder lowland, and Maine Plants and Wildlifemature pine and hemlock forest provide a pleasant spot for walking, cross-country skiing and nature study. Mill Stream cascades over an historic dam and mill site before flowing into the tidal waters of the Harraseeket River.

The sanctuary attracts migrant shorebirds and songbirds and is a wonderful place to observe the courtship flight displays of nesting woodcock. Resident mammals typical of southern Maine woodlands include porcupine, mink, fisher, and deer.

Maine Birds



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