Fishing and Sightseeing in Maine on the Kennebec River

Fishing and sightseeing in Maine

The Kennebec River provides a day of wonderful sights and entertainment. Come with us and experience a nature lovers paradise.

The mighty Kennebec will introduce you to wildlifeSightseeing on the Kennebec River in Maine above and below the river. Eagles, osprey, seals ducks, geese, bass, salmon and the endangered sturgeon will have you admiring this awesome river.

Our day on the river started at 5:30 on the docks of the Kennebec Tavern Restaurant and Marina in Bath Maine. Bath is known as the city of ships and is the perfect location to start an adventure on this great river. We started the trip out thinking it would be a fishing experience, and it was that, but quickly found out that this was going to be one of the best nature sightseeing trips I have ever taken.

Heading North from the docks we were greeted by a rising sun that promised to Marina in Maine on the Kennebec Riverbring a beautiful day. The shoreline presents itself with beautiful homes and wonderful forests of green. We were greeted by seals and osprey starting their morning diving for their breakfast. We could see that the river was ready for we fishermen, by the bounty the animals feasted on.

Our first stop was a quite split in the river that met up with a bank of river grass. the calm of the morning caught my attention as an inquisitive seal surfaced and gave us a look. The captain then told us that the seal was famous to the local Sightseeing for seals in Mainefisherman because of his ability to steal the fish that you caught right off your line. Captain Johan said that the seal would grab the fish and shake it about until it came loose of the hook and then the seal would proceed to eat it right in front of your eyes, as if to say that is my fish. After all we were in the seals home waters and he had made his claim to that part of the river.

We headed south and traveled past Bath Iron Works were they build ships for Ship building in Mainethe Navy and Coast Guard. Huge towering cranes hovered over the newest ship that had just been launched. Bath is known as “The City Of Ships”, taking one look at the shipyard and the ship that had just been built there confirmed that the name fit the description well. The ship we past was the first of its class. A state of the art fighting machine that looked strange in design, but left little doubt it could do what it was designed to do.

Heading South toward the mouth of the river we stopped at a small island in the Eagles in Mainecenter of the river. The island was covered with large old pine trees and in this set of old pines were a pair of eagles sitting on branches one above the other. What a site. We were very close to them but they did not seem to care. They showed no fear of man. To me they looked like royalty surveying their kingdom. the captain pointed out what the pair were doing on the small island. Up to the left was a nest made of Baby Eagle in Mainesticks and in the nest was a baby eagle. The baby kept looking over the edge of the nest looking down at us and then to its parents for assurance that all was well. We knew that baby had nothing to fear with those tow magnificent creatures looking after him. What an experience seeing the entire family of eagles within a few feet of each other.

Onward we moved past seals and a family of geese with their offspring by their sides. As we slowed down the boat the geese walked their babies up the side of aGeese in Maine cliff and all stood there watching us watch them. It was quite a sight. Spring is indeed the time of new life on the river.

Arriving at the captains favorite spot to catch bass on the river. A spot that the captain said must remain a secret. We set out our lines and drifted past this wonderful river fall. A series of short steps the river takes down near the shore that creates turbulence where the fish wait for their prey to swim by. We were happy to accommodate the fish with some appealing Bass Fishing in Mainelures that looked just like what they might enjoy for a meal. The first drift by landed a great bass and so did the second. It was truly the fishing spot we had been promised. What a blast it was. They put up a good fight and we rewarded them by releasing them back into the home waters. A win for all.

After a four-hour trip we headed back home. We had experienced the Kennebec River with its beauty in a way that I wish all of you could experience. Mid Coast Maine is a very special place and the Kennebec River is one special river.

Maine River


One response to “Fishing and Sightseeing in Maine on the Kennebec River

  1. Peter, it was a beautiful morning out in the Kennebec with you and your family. Thank you for coming out and seeing a bit of the special world I live in every day. (and the fishing isn’t bad either!)
    Tight Lines!
    Captain Johan Brouwer

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