Freeport Maine

Freeport Maine is a shopper’s Dream.

Home to L.L. Bean, Maine Sail Bags, The Harraseeket Inn and much more, is a village rich with history, a lot of which is preserved for you to enjoy now.
Freeport was founded in 1789 and folklore credits Freeport
with being “the birthplace of Maine”. It was in Freeport at Jameson Tavern that
many meetings were held, where colonists debated a separation movement while consuming great ale that was made right in Freeport. We are happy to say that the tradition of making great drink in Freeport still goes on today.
Freeport is located on the banks of Casco Bay Half way between Portland and Brunswick Maine. Here you can get all of the information you are looking f0r at the Maine Tourism Building located just off Rt. 295. Directions, brochures, videos and informed personnel will guide you to the best that Maine has to off.
While in Freeport don’t forget to visit, Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park, Winslow Park with a beach on Casco Bay, and Mast Landing Sanctuary, open daily for nature walks and guided tours; and we can’t forget Maine’s natural phenomenon – the Desert Dunes of Maine. The Dessert of Maine gives you guided tours of the desert and fun activities for the kids.
The bottom line is that Freeport should not be missed on your way to the rest of this remarkable Mid Coast Area.

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