Map of Mid Coast Maine

Maine Mid Coast Area

The Maine mid-coast is sometimes referred to as the hand of Maine. The palm consisting of the cultural and historic centers. The fingers consisting of the scenic peninsulas that are so famous for there beauty, water access and great seafood.


Brunswick, Bath, Freeport and  Harpswell, (The Wonderland of the Mid Coast Maine Area),  all come together to form a desirable collection of art, culture, shopping and beauty. The fingers form a coastal play land with it’s many water and land related activities. Sightseeing, Fishing, Beaches and hiking trails all come together here. Brunswick, Bath and Freeport form the cultural and shopping palm of the hand. LL Bean, Bowdoin College, The Maine State Music Theater, Bath Iron Works and the museums are just a few of the wonderful businesses and cultural activities you will find here.  By combining these two distinct areas you create one of the most desirable areas of Maine. A Maine paradise giving you all you could desire in a destination location. Arts and entertainment, great restaurants, motels, campgrounds and Inns,water and land activities, and much more are all here in the mid coast Maine area. .

Maine Mid Coast Area


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