Seashells and Seaglass on Maine Beaches

Sea glass and seashells on the coast of Maine are abundant and beautiful if you know the right beaches and coves to go to. Popham Beach, Reid State Park, Harpswell, Georgetown, Phippsburg and many other of our surrounding towns have locations that hold these treasured prizes of the Sea.Seashells in Maine

In the Mid Coast area of Maine we get great surges of water that carry these treasures of the sea up to our beaches and points of land.

The Maine Mid Coast area where we are located is a unique and diverse collection of all the great qualities that you look for in a water front. Part sand beach, part rocky and part washed sea shells and smoothed sea glass. Tidal pools filled with sea life like crabs, Starfish, mussels and wrinkles to name just a few of the sea creatures you might find living in and around these pools of life. Perhaps the best and most impressive reason to walk the beach is to find sea shells and sea glass. It’s a treasure trove for the true collector of the multicolored shells and glass.

My girls and I went for a walk this morning to see what we could find before lunch. We were not disappointed with what we found. It was a fantastic morning to walk the point. The colors of the sea and sky backed by the beauty of the land were awesome. The wild lifeMaine Seashells, seaglass and beach  and views would have been worth the walk even if we had not scored with the shells and smoothed glass. Please enjoy a picture tour of our walk this morning along one of the many locations in the Maine Mid Coast area.

It was a bright, beautiful 60 degrees.

Seashell and Sea Glass Hunting

Maine Beach of Sea shells

We were on the hunt. We were not to be disappointed. The beach was covered with beautifully colored Shells and smooth glass.


The shells of creatures long time past invited us to explore more. The color of the sky and the smell of the fresh sea air lets you know you are truly in Maine.

Folks that collect these beautiful shells and glass are very creative with how they use them

 Now what to do with these beautiful treasures of the Maine Coast
Pam's Sea Shell Wreaths

Some put them in jars and display them on their counters. They paint them and sprinkle glitter on them to create visually appealing art. One of the most delightful and creative Maine ways of using these beautiful sea offerings is to incorporate them into balsam wreaths. Our friends at Pam’s Maine Made Wreaths create wreaths composed totally of Maine seashells and also for the holiday, they create balsam wreaths with seashells incorporated in their design. We love the creativity of their products and the many other Maine artisans that use seashells and sea glass in such wonderful ways.

Maine Sea GlassMaine Water ViewsTidal pools abound in the Maine Mid Coast area. A great spot for the kids to explore the wonders of the sea.

Maine Tidal Pools

All and all a very pleasant way to spend the day.

Maine Tidal Creatures


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