Portland Maine Harvest On The Harbor

One of the great food events that take place in Maine is Portland, Maine’s Harvest On The Harbor. The event is put on by the Portland Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The event draws thousands of seafood lovers to the Portland waterfront to sample some of the best seafood that Maine has to offer. The event also brings in top chefs from around the country to showcase there expertise at preparing Maine’s treasures of the sea.

Harvest on the Harbor, a Maine Culinary Exploration

Harvest on the Harbor offers a unique experience that celebrates Maine’s talented chefs and many renowned dining establishments, while showcasing high-caliber and authentic gourmet products from local farmers, fishermen and food artisans as well as wine, beer and spirit makers.

New events this year will include Top of the Crop: Maine’s Best Farm to Table Chef, where an esteemed panel of judges will determine which chef most successfully captures the farm to table experience.  Skillfully paired wines and a crisp apple dessert will round out this robust rendezvous.

One of the popular event is The Ultimate Seafood Splash. Restaurant, harvesters and sellers give a taste of some of the most wonderful seafood and menu items they sell and serve. Sampling wine, great seafood and socializing while being entertained. A great experience for exciting your taste buds.

Here is an inside look at last years Ultimate Seafood Splash from one of the particapating restaurants. Cook’s Lobster House

This year, Harvest puts a new spin on The Ultimate Seafood Splash, teaming up with local fishermen to introduce lesser-known, abundant species of fish from the cold coastal waters of Maine.  These emerging, responsibly harvested fish will expand the consciousness of consumers’ culinary appetite.


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