Maine Town Of Harpswell Fights For Right Of Way To Cedar Beach

The town of Harpswell Maine is in a struggle to keep the access to a popular Bailey Cedar Beach Harpswell Maine on Bailey IslandIsland Beach open. Cedar Beach long enjoyed by locals and summer visitors. Some just regular folks out to enjoy the sun and sand with their children and some well know celebrities that love the beach and write about their visits to the beach. The owners of the property that allow the public to go to Cedar Beach say they will sell the property.

Cedar Beach updates on Facebook.

Here is the latest on the Cedar Beach access from the Forcaster Sept 2011. ”

HARPSWELL — Access to Cedar and Robinhood beaches on Bailey Island, once tricky, is now all but impossible.

For three weeks, the path leading to both the little and big beaches on the north end of Bailey has been blocked off with a chain and no-trespassing sign. Charles and Sally Abrahamson, who own the adjacent property and the private road leading up to the path, notified the Board of Selectmen of their decision to block off the path in a Sept. 6 letter.”  Read more on Ceadar Beach access denied.

Update on the Friends Of Cedar Beach attempt to secure access for the public. The Times Record reports progress on reaching and agreement. > Press link to read Times Record article.


If you would like to help email >

Well the task is at hand for the town of Harpswell, the Bailey Island Association and the Heritage Land Trust to raise the money to secure this precious treasure for generations FOREVER.

The First Rally

The Friends of Cedar Beach

Celebrate Summer Fun with The Friends of Cedar Beach.

Young and not so young, come and join in for our Kickoff to Summer Fun, on Saturday July 2nd , 12 noon, at Johnson Field, Bailey Island. Bring a picnic. Bring a kite, and bring your voices.  Award-winning, Matt Loosigian, folk singer/guitarist will bring out the kid in all of us with his interactive fun music show about the environment . Drinks will be provided. Admission is free; donations will be accepted.

Friends of Cedar Beach Come Together

Summer is upon us and we begin thinking about packing up and going to the beach, Cedar Beach in particular!  Cedar and Robinhood Beaches on the north end of Bailey Island are used by people from all over Harpswell and the nearby areas and have provided generations of year-round and seasonal Harpswell residents a wonderful place to swim, frolic, explore the shore, and enjoy a beautiful view of eastern Casco Bay. The beaches are a landmark on the island and part of Harpswell’s heritage.

Since the March Town meeting when the voters appropriated $220K toward the purchase of an easement that will keep access to Cedar Beach available to us all forever, the Bailey Island Association and Harpswell Heritage Land Trust joined to form the Friends of Cedar Beach.  The mission of the Friends is to explore how the additional money needed to acquire a permanent walking access easement to Cedar Beach could be obtained.  The Friends have commissioned their own appraisal of the value of such an easement and a survey that is needed to accurately delineate the easement area.  The Friends are also engaged in negotiations with the Abrahamson’s on a price for the easement and to allow for the time needed to raise the necessary funds.

Once agreement is reached, the Friends will be undertaking a campaign to raise the money needed to ensure that future generations will forever be able to create happy memories of their times at these wonderful beaches.


4 responses to “Maine Town Of Harpswell Fights For Right Of Way To Cedar Beach

  1. Sharon,
    I appreciate your passion. The town and the people of Harpswell have chosen to go another way. Raise the money to buy the right of way to the beach and have all parties happy with the outcome. I think it is a noble cause and people will rally to help save access to this beautiful beach.

  2. Hi Jess,

    I beleive the access is chained and No Trespassing is posted on the ROW to the beach. I have add a link to the latest article to the beach access fight above in the post for you. The article comes from the Forcasted Sept. 2011

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