Maine Coast Region Chamber Business Interview

The chamber of commerce in the Southern Mid Coast Region of Maine, spearheaded by Steve Wallace the president of the chamber, is very active in promoting the businesses in their member towns. The chamber does this in a variety of different ways. A brand new website was just developed with a great deal of thought given to the search engine capabilities of the site. The site also allows businesses to put a great deal of information to their individual listings. Pictures, videos, word documents and links all add to a business being able to give the public as much information as possible about their location and services.

Visitations to the member businesses to learn about the services they provide is another great way for the chamber to understand how best to serve that business. An example of the interview process is given below. Steve Wallace interviews Curt Parent the owner of Cook’s Lobster House in this video. The video can then be used by the business and Chamber to better make the public aware of the products and services that Cook’s has to offer.

The chamber recently conducted a survey for the businesses of Harpswell Maine, a member town, to try to understand the needs of the town as a whole for business growth and development. Steve then presented the information gathered by the survey and presented it to the board of selectmen in hopes of making the selectmen aware of the towns businesses needs for prosperity.

It is refreshing to see a business organization taking such a forward stance on promoting a business region. Taking the time to understand and improve the business atmosphere is a vital part of any organization. Our hat goes off to the Chamber and to Steve Wallace for their commitment to the Maine Coast Region


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