The Harpswell Maine Oceanic Center 21st Century Seafood Production

Harpswell Maine has a new proposal going out to the town for the Mitchell Field property. They call it the Harpswell Oceanic Center. Last night at the Harpswell Business Association meeting Chris Heinig presented a power point presentation on the proposed new facility.

The mission statement

Harpswell Oceanic Center, Inc. is proposing to bring a Working Waterfront back to Mitchell Field based on 21st Century Seafood Production using development culturally-suitable to Harpswell and bring interesting, well-paying marine-related employment to the town to encourage young people to come to Harpswell.

The proposal seems to be well planned  with the towns best interest in mind. The facility would have three areas of focus. Seafood production, education and research and development. A low impact industry that could start a chain reaction for other business development in the Mid Coast of Maine. With an eye on the naval air base as being a perfect spot for the supporting businesses that would be needed for the oceanic center. Businesses like Food Pellet production and Fish processing and shipping. The center would also have a visitors center where the public could learn about the production and work being conducted.

In the presentation Chris showed the the public access to the beach and water front still being accessible and used for the public and the many events that take place at Mitchell Field. I was impressed with the presentation and hope that the town will take a good look at this proposal. It seems to be a good fit for this beautiful property.

Here is a picture of the Mitchell Field site proposal. Take a look and spread the word. This could be good for not only Harpswell but for Mid Coast Maine as well.

For more information on the Harpswell Oceanic Center go to their website at               Harpswell Oceanic Center Website


One response to “The Harpswell Maine Oceanic Center 21st Century Seafood Production

  1. I agree that it would be awesome. I think getting the information to the voters will be key. What a fit for Harpswell and the entire Mid Coast area.

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